Sentence Examples

  • The eco-friendly shorts are called Slightly Choppy, and while for now they are a special edition, it's hoped that they will be so popular that they will become a regular part of the collection.
  • The adaptation of various bob looks, including graduated, inverted, and choppy shapes, has improved the original bob style and has made it a universally flattering cut when done right.
  • Emo hair is usually dyed black with uneven choppy layers, an asymmetrical front, crazy-colored highlights, and styled to look straight and stiff, especially in the front.
  • Turn your updo a little edgy by leaving tapered bangs out of the style, or let the choppy ends of the hair hang loose out of the updo instead of tucking them away.
  • If you want to explore the world of bobbed hair without the harsh or linear shape of the original bob, a choppy bob is a very wearable and versatile option.