Sentence Examples

  • I'll probably choose a nice but plainish yarn (meaning nothing with a lumpy texture) and determine the recommended gauge for said yarn.
  • Lace: If you love to wear fancy lingerie, you may be all about the lace.Lacy bras are sexy and feminine, but they may not be suitable under sweaters and other knits, where they could be lumpy.
  • Comfort: A very thin blanket won't be very comfortable for using on lumpy ground or sand, so look for blanket totes that are designed with the users' comfort in mind.
  • The infant's heel may be at risk of scarring, infection of the bone, cellulitis (inflammation of cellular tissue), small lumpy calcium deposits.
  • With just a small amount of material, the thong decreases the possibility of excess fabric bunching and creating a lumpy look under clothing.