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Another word for ponderous

  1. Having a relatively great weight

      1. Having considerable weight; heavy.
      2. Burdensome; oppressive:
      3. Of great consequence; serious or momentous:
      1. Consisting of or making up a large mass; bulky, heavy, and solid:
      2. Having relatively high mass:
      3. Large or imposing, as in quantity, scope, degree, intensity, or scale:
      1. Of considerable weight; heavy.
      2. Big and strong; stout or muscular.
      3. Strong and sturdy:
      1. One of above average weight.
      2. The heaviest weight division in professional boxing, having no upper limit, with contestants usually weighing more than 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms).
      3. A boxer competing in this weight division.
      1. Having relatively great weight:
      2. Having relatively high density; having a high specific gravity.
      3. Large, as in number or quantity:
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  2. Unwieldy or clumsy, especially due to excess weight

  3. Lacking fluency or gracefulness

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Another word for ponderous