Delicate Synonyms and Antonyms

Easily broken or damaged
Needing careful handling
  1. seeindelicate
  2. uncareful
  3. indelicate
  4. insensitive
  5. unscrupulous
  6. inelegant
Having fine sensibilities
  1. rugged
Free from severity or violence, as in movement
Able to make or detect effects of great subtlety or precision
  1. fine
  2. subtle
  3. nice
So slight as to be difficult to notice or appreciate
Exquisitely fine or dainty:
  1. exquisite
  1. bonne-bouche
  2. confection
  3. delicacy
  4. ethereality
  5. fastidiousness
  6. finesse
  7. fragility
  8. friandise
  9. kickshaw
  10. meticulosity
  11. nicety
  12. overniceness
  13. preciosity
  14. sensitivity
  15. squeamishness
  16. tact
  17. tidbit

Words Related to Delicate

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