Sentence Examples

  • You can display the conventional three-tiered white confection and have your decorator wrap each tier in orange satin ribbon, write a romantic message with bright buttercream, or pipe on a pretty design with orange frosting.
  • For most celebrations, the groom will decide on the style and flavor of his honorific cake, or the confection may be a personalized surprise from his bride, the groomsmen, or his family.
  • Dessert Buffets: Instead of adding more cake to the confection, couples can opt for additional desserts to create a full dessert buffet with a smaller wedding cake as its centerpiece.
  • If ice cream is your favorite confection, preparing it at home with an ice cream maker like the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer will make the store-bought kind pale by comparison.
  • From craft store beads to junk store jewelry, making your chandelier an eye-popping confection is a way to add a little Hollywood glamour to your décor.