Sentence Examples

  • He was fragile, narrow-shouldered and of a sickly constitution.
  • Spiders abound, from a giant species to one of the minutest dimensions, and the tree-bug is always ready to make a destructive lodgment in any sickly tree-stem.
  • Prematurely born at Buda on the ist of July 1506, it required all the resources of medical science to keep the sickly child alive, yet he developed so precociously that at the age of thirteen he was well bearded and moustached, while at eighteen his hair was silvery white.
  • Of male heirs to the crownfor after many years of wedlock with Catherine of Aragon Henrys sole issue was one sickly daughterhe had been foolish enough to remark that if anything should happen to the king he himself was close in succession to the crown.
  • By his first consort he had thirteen children, of whom two sickly sons and eight healthy daughters survived him.