Sentence Examples

  • The exquisite nature of the lingerie itself may be in the satiny feel of the material and the way it whispers against your skin as you move, but that's not all-in most cases, the little things are what matter the most.
  • From lacy boyshorts to satiny chemises, this line of intimates is geared toward ladies who want something comfortable and flattering, but aren't interested in spending large amounts of money on it.
  • There are hundreds of opportunities to get a perfectly customized case with a satiny silver finish, which also makes this a perfect gift for that person on your list who already has everything.
  • Sexy Christmas dresses for women are often shimmery, satiny, available in bold and dark colors, and completely oblivious of the fact that temperatures are close to freezing in most areas.
  • Go simple, yet seductive, with satiny short styles that offer matching robes for those evenings or mornings when you want a little extra coverage but still want to feel sexy.