Sentence Examples

  • I feel as if she's not happy with me for some reason and every time I try to talk to her about it, she becomes defensive and upset (talking with her about anything she's hurting with is usually a touchy subject).
  • The baby announcement was especially touchy, after the post-divorce whispers about Jennifer Aniston delaying motherhood for her career.
  • When it comes to personality traits, emo individuals tend to be classified as shy, sensitive, and touchy.
  • Some 1995 models had defective battery issues with a potential for explosion, and 1997 models had airbag systems that were so touchy that any slight shock to the system could set off an accidental airbag deployment.
  • Unlike most of the other games, the view is from behind the dashboard rather than overhead, however the controls can be a bit touchy and avoiding some of the obstacles is near impossible.