Sentence Examples

  • His passion for details not only swelled his volumes to a portentous size, but was fatal to artistic construction.
  • Meanwhile, it is certain that what is strange, new or portentous is regularly treated by all savages as sacred.
  • This is said to have hapC, pened in 356 B.C. on the October night on which Alexander the Great came into the world, and, as Hegesias said, the goddess herself was absent, assisting at the birth; but the exactness of this portentous synchronism makes the date suspect.
  • Both contain occasional state papers, and not very trustworthy reports of parliamentary proceedings., The publication of debates was not authorized till the last quarter of the century; parliamentary papers begin earlier, but only slowly attain their present portentous dimensions.
  • The Babylonians, according to Berossus, supposed that there were ten antediluvian kings, who they declared had reigned for the portentous period of 432,000 years: 432,000 years, however, it has been ingeniously pointed out by Oppert (Gott.