Sentence Examples

  • In the Abyssal Shelf located in the Hellfire Peninsula, fly on a gryphon or Wyvern to bomb demons from the Burning Legion and stop the dimensional gateways from allowing the introduction of more enemy forces into the area.
  • Another example of an uphill sell was the over-the-top Redneck Rampage series, a hellfire and humor production from the Running with Scissors people.
  • For even further freak-out inspiration for those around you, try the sclera lenses in Blackout, Flames, Hellfire, and Ouch.
  • Hellfire Sclera are black and red flames.
  • Educated at Reading school and at Winchester college, Henry Vansittart joined the society of the Franciscans, or the "Hellfire club," at Medmenham, his elder brothers, Arthur and Robert, being also members of this fraternity.