Sentence Examples

  • Most often caused by exposure to either natural or chemical irritants such as ingredients in dyes, latex or cosmetics, the rash will present itself as red, raised bumps or patches with a crusty surface.
  • In fact, I've found that the simplest meals: a simple egg frittata, no more difficult than scrambled eggs, or a humble soup with crusty bread are often the ones that bring out the best in our family.
  • Kittens are highly susceptible to respiratory infections, so runny, crusty eyes are often thought to be a direct symptom of distemper, when they are actually a symptom of the secondary illness.
  • Pasta - Toss in a variety of pastas, assorted sauces, wine, cheeses, a cheese grater, crusty bread, and dipping sauce in a colorful ceramic bowl suitable for serving the completed meal.
  • Dr. Beverly Crusher was briefly replaced as CMO on the Enterprise by the crusty and irritable Dr. Pulaski, loathed by fans for treating Data as a thing, and mispronouncing his name.