Sentence Examples

  • The turban and the spear became the banner of the Spanish Omayyads.
  • Here the horse and spear are still used, and the sport is one of the most popular in India.
  • The byrnie or mail-shirt is often mentioned in Eddic songs: so are the axe, the spear, the javelin, the bow and arrows and the sword.
  • Amymone having thrown her spear at a stag, missed it, but hit a satyr asleep in the brake.
  • It has yielded four bronze swords, ten socketed spear-heads, forty celts or axe-heads and sickles, fifty knives, twenty socketed chisels, four hammers and an anvil, sixty rings for the arms and legs, several highly ornate torques or twisted neck rings, and upwards of two hundred hair pins of various sizes up to 16 in.