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Another word for arc

  1. To swerve from a straight line

      1. To change the position of so that the underside becomes the upper side:
      2. To present in a specified direction by rotating or pivoting:
      3. To cause to move around in order to achieve a result, such as opening, closing, tightening, or loosening:
      1. To become round or curved.
      2. To a specific place or person:
      3. With revolutions:
      1. To move in a curved path
      2. (Baseball) To pitch (a ball) with a curve.
      3. To move in or take the shape of a curve:
      1. (Slang) To steal
      2. To make a crook in; bend:
      3. To bend or curve
      1. To indicate (agreement, thanks, etc.) by bowing
      2. To bend into a curve or bow.
      3. To bend down one's head or bend one's body in respect, agreement, worship, recognition, etc.
      1. To assume a curved, crooked, or angular form or direction:
      2. To force (an object) into a curved or crooked form, or (back) to its original form, by turning, pulling, pressing, etc.
      3. To turn or be turned from a straight line or from some direction or position
      1. To cause to take the form of an arch; curve or bend
      2. To cause to form an arch or similar curve.
      3. To bend backward:
      1. (Sports) To hit (a ball or puck, for example) at an angle.
      2. To move or turn (something) at an angle:
      3. To move or bend at an angle or by means of angles
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Another word for arc