Sentence Examples

  • The table is too long for insertion here.
  • The hinder border is often drawn out into mobile processes and hollowed out around the insertion of the next FIG.
  • A, Part of seed-coat with hairs B,, insertion and lower part; B2 middle part; and Bar upper part of a hair (X300).
  • Microscopic accuracy has to be attained in cutting out the space for the insertion of the design, and while the latter must be soldered firmly in its place, not the slightest trace of solder or the least sign of junction must be discernible between the metal of the inserted picture and that of the field in which it is inserted.
  • In the earliest telephone switchboards the lines were connected to vertical conducting strips, across which were placed a series of similar horizontal strips in such a manner that any horizontal could be connected to any line strip by the insertion of a plug into holes provided in the strips for the purpose.