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Another word for assailment

  1. The act of attacking

      1. A concerted refusal by employees to go on working, in an attempt to force an employer to grant certain demands, as for higher wages, better working conditions, etc.
      2. An attack, especially a military air attack on a single group of targets.
      3. (Sports) A scoring attempt, often resulting in a goal.
      1. An overwhelming outpouring:
      2. A violent attack.
      1. (Linguistics) The part of a syllable that precedes the nucleus. In the word nucleus (no͝o&STRESS;klē-əs), the onset of the first syllable is (n), the onset of the second syllable is (kl), and the last syllable has no onset.
      2. (Archaic) An attack by military forces; an assault.
      3. An attack; assault
      1. A forward rush or flow.
      2. A headlong dash forward; strong onward rush
      3. A violent physical or verbal attack; an assault.
      1. A physical or military attack or assault:
      2. An attack or hostile action, esp. by armed forces
      3. Attitude or position of attack
      1. The person, army, etc. that is attacking
      2. The act of creating resentment, hurt feelings, displeasure, etc.
      3. The team in possession of the ball or puck, or those players whose primary duty is to attempt to score.
      1. An effort or a try.
      2. An attack; an assault:
      1. An expression of strong criticism; hostile comment:
      2. The experience or beginning of a feeling, need, or desire:
      3. Scoring ability or potential:
      1. A violent physical attack, as with blows.
      2. A strong or cutting verbal attack.
      3. The close-combat phase of an attack
      1. Forceful, assertive, or overbearing behavior or attitudes:
      2. The practice or habit of taking hostile actions or launching military attacks:
      3. An unprovoked attack or warlike act; specif., the use of armed force by a state in violation of its international obligations
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