Sentence Examples

  • Your amnesia is trauma induced from the rape you survived six years ago.
  • The usual cereal crops are, however, all grown with success, and tobacco, hops, flax, rape, hemp and beetroot (for sugar) are cultivated for commercial purposes.
  • He served about a dozen years for rape in California and dropped out of sight after he was released.
  • The cereal crops (wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize); the cruciferous crops (turnips, cabbage, kale, rape, mustard); the solanaceous crops (potatoes); the chenopodiaceous crops (mangels, sugar-beets), and other non-leguminous crops have, so far as is known, no such power, and are therefore more or less benefited by the direct application of nitrogenous manures.
  • In the case of treason, murder or rape a pardon is ineffectual unless the offence be particularly specified therein.