Jump Synonyms and Antonyms

To move in a lively way
A leap up or across
To leap down
  1. fall
A sudden nervous movement
A leap down
  1. dive
  2. rise
  3. fall
  4. drop
  5. precipitation
  6. plunge
  7. advancement
  8. diving
  9. nosedive
  10. plummet
  11. headlong fall
  12. elevation
  13. descent
  14. parachute jump
  15. promotion
  16. parachuting
  17. bungee-jump
  18. sky-diving
  19. get an advantage over
  20. get a head start
  21. have the upper hand
  22. beat
  23. upgrade
  1. fall
*To leave suddenly
*To accost belligerently
  1. ambush
  2. hold up
  3. pounce on
  4. mug
A state of nervous restlessness or agitation.
Start (a car engine whose battery is dead) by connecting it to another car's battery
  1. capering
  2. desultory
  3. salient
  4. saltant
  5. saltatorial

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