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Another word for augmentation

  1. The act of increasing or rising

  2. Something tending to augment something else

      1. An acquiring or being acquired
      2. Something or someone acquired or added
      3. Something acquired or gained:
      1. A thing or part added; increase; specif., a room or rooms added to a building
      2. (Mathematics) The operation that, for positive integers, consists of increasing by a definite number of increments of 1. The operation is extended to other numbers according to the additive properties of positive integers and other algebraic properties.
      3. An adding of two or more numbers to get a number called the sum
      1. An increase by means of something added.
      2. (Law) The addition to or increase in value of property by means of improvements or natural growth.
      3. Increase by addition

Another word for augmentation

  1. The act of augmenting

      1. A reproduction, as of a photograph, on a larger scale
      2. An act of enlarging or the state of being enlarged.
      3. Something that has been enlarged, especially a photographic reproduction or a copy larger than the original print or negative.
      1. Development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form; evolution.
      2. Full development; maturity.
      3. Formation and development
      1. A developing or being developed
      2. The organized activity of soliciting donations or grants; fundraising.
      3. A step or stage in growth, advancement, etc.
  2. An addition

      1. (Electronics) An increase in signal power, voltage, or current by an amplifier, expressed as the ratio of output to input.
      2. An increase in wealth, earnings, etc.; profit; winnings
      3. An increase in amount or degree:
      1. An increase of land along the shores of a body of water, as by alluvial deposit.
      2. Growth or increase in size by gradual external addition, fusion, or inclusion.
      3. (Astronomy) An increase in the mass of a celestial object by its gravitational capture of surrounding interstellar material.
      1. (Math.) The quantity, usually small, by which a variable increases or is increased: a negative increment results in a decrease
      2. Something added or gained:
      3. The fact of becoming greater or larger; increase; gain; growth