To move along in a crouching or prone position
To move slowly
  1. drag
  2. inch
  3. creep
  4. inch along
  5. plod
  6. hang-back
  7. poke
  8. go at a snail's pace
To move like an insect
  1. creep
  2. grovel
  3. fawn
  4. slither
  5. cringe
  6. writhe
  7. worm along
  8. wriggle
  9. squirm
  10. move on hands and knees
  11. go on hands and knees
  12. drag
  13. snake
  14. inch
  15. lag
  16. go on all fours
  17. lollygag
  18. worm one's way
  19. pen
  20. go on one's belly
  21. poke
  22. slow
  23. swim
  24. teem
  25. cower
To be abundantly filled or richly supplied
A very slow rate of speed
A swimming stroke; arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick
  1. front-crawl
  2. australian-crawl

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