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Another word for abound

  1. To be abundantly filled or richly supplied

      1. To be thickly covered (with)
      2. To show strong anger, irritation, outrage, etc. as by a stiffening of the body
      3. To furnish or supply with bristles.
      1. To be or feel as if swarming or covered with moving things:
      2. To advance slowly, feebly, laboriously, or with frequent stops:
      3. To move slowly by dragging the body along the ground, as a worm does
      1. To move with a continual shifting of component particles:
      2. To release as a flow:
      3. (Archaic) To cause to flow
      1. To flow over the top, brim, or banks of.
      2. To flow over or across; flood
      3. To flow over the brim or edge of
      1. To breed quickly
      2. To teem; swarm:
      3. To breed rapidly or abundantly.
      1. To gather and fly off in a swarm
      2. To move or emerge in a swarm.
      3. To be filled or crowded; teem
      1. To bring forth young, as an animal; to produce fruit, as a plant; to bear; to be pregnant; to conceive; to multiply.
      2. To be full, as though ready to bring forth young; abound; swarm
      3. To be full of things; abound or swarm:
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Another word for abound

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