Fall Synonyms and Antonyms

To move downward in response to gravity
To come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily
The season after summer
  1. autumn
  2. harvest
  3. harvest-time
  4. the sere and yellow leaf
  5. the fall of the year
  6. september
  7. twilight
  8. october
  9. dusk
  10. november
  11. gloaming
  12. ""when the frost is on the punkin' and the fodder's in the shock.''
  13. gloam
  14. nightfall
  15. evenfall
  16. crepuscule
  17. crepuscle
To die in battle
To be overthrown
  1. surrender
  2. go down
  3. go under
  4. topple
  5. submit
  6. yield
  7. collapse
  8. succumb
  9. be destroyed
  10. be taken
  11. pass into enemy hands
  12. bend
  13. defer
  14. lie-down
  15. resign
  16. capitulate
  17. shine
  18. back down
  19. break up
  20. get one's come-uppance
  21. fall-to-pieces
  22. strike
To become or cause to become less active or intense
To undergo a sharp, rapid descent in value or price
That which falls
To undergo moral deterioration
  1. sink
  2. slip
To occur
To come as by lot or inheritance
When a wrestler's shoulders are forced to the mat
  1. pin
Lose an upright position suddenly
  1. fall down
  1. anticlimactic
  2. deciduous
  3. precipitant
  4. precipitous

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