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Another word for subsidence

  1. The act or process of becoming less active or intense

      1. To decrease gradually in size, number, strength, or intensity:
      2. To show a progressively smaller illuminated area, as the moon does in passing from full to new.
      3. To approach an end:
      1. The act of remitting.
      2. A condition or period in which something is remitted.
      3. A lessening of intensity or degree; abatement.
      1. A reduction in pace, force, or intensity; a slowdown.
      2. A temporary stop; a pause.
      1. The receding or outgoing tide, occurring between the time when the tide is highest and the time when the following tide is lowest.
      2. A period of decline or diminution:
      3. To fall back from the flood stage.
      1. Reduction in amount, degree, or intensity; diminution.
      2. The amount lowered; a reduction.
      3. The act of reducing something, such as a tax, for some period of time or of eliminating something, such as a nuisance, permanently.
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