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Another word for backslide

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Another word for backslide

  1. To slip from a higher or better condition to a former, usually lower or poorer one

      1. To become forfeit or void because of failure to pay the premium at the stipulated time
      2. To be no longer valid or active; expire:
      3. To pass gradually or smoothly; slip:
      1. To go back; return; move backward
      2. To move backward or away from a reference point; recede:
      3. To return to a previous, usually worse or less developed state:
      1. To return to a former state.
      2. To slip or fall back into a former condition, esp. after improvement or seeming improvement
      3. To become sicker after partial recovery from an illness.
      1. To go or move backward.
      2. To return to an earlier, inferior, or less complex condition.
      1. (Law) To be returned to the former owner or to the former owner's heirs. Used of money or property.
      2. To go back in action, thought, speech, etc.; return, as to a former practice, opinion, state, or subject
      3. (Biol.) To return to a former or primitive type; show ancestral characteristics normally no longer present in the species
  1. A slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one