Sentence Examples

  • This was especially true when millions of sub-prime mortgages went sour, since it put more than a few international banks in a lurch.
  • Schedules and priorities can change in a flash, and well-meaning friends may not always be able to follow through on your pet's care as planned, leaving Fido in a lurch.
  • Certain avenues of revenue may have dried up, leaving you in a bit of a lurch wondering how to pay those bills!
  • In the event of an unexpected computer failure or a child's sudden illness, it's nice to have a group of qualified writers you can use as subcontractors to make sure your clients aren't left in the lurch.
  • Or maybe you simply feel embarrassed when learning how to drive a stick shift because you don't want to make the gears grind or make the car lurch and look silly or amateur.