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Another word for vantage

  1. A factor conducive to superiority and success

      1. To begin a movement, activity, or undertaking:
      2. To move on the initial part of a journey:
      3. To have a beginning; commence:
      1. A certain number of points given beforehand to a weaker side in a contest to equalize the chances of all participants.
      2. The ratio of the probability of an event's occurring to the probability of its not occurring.
      3. The likelihood of the occurrence of one thing rather than the occurrence of another thing, as in a contest:
      1. A start before other contestants in a race.
      2. An early start that confers an advantage.
      1. A race or contest in which contestants are given advantages or compensations to equalize the chances of winning.
      2. Such an advantage or penalty.
      3. A physical or mental disability.
      1. A beneficial factor or combination of factors:
      2. Benefit or profit; gain:
      3. A relatively favorable position; superiority of means:
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  2. A dominating position, as in a conflict

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  3. The position from which something is observed or considered

      1. A position from which something is observed or considered; a point of view.
      1. A position from which things are considered or judged; a point of view.
      1. To give a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal to; make diagonal; cause to slope:
      2. To present so as to conform to a particular bias or appeal to a certain audience:
      3. To have or go in a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal; slope.
      1. A manner of viewing things; an attitude.
      2. A position from which something is observed or considered; a standpoint.
      3. The attitude or outlook of a narrator or character in a piece of literature, a movie, or another art form.
      1. A point of view; an attitude:
      2. Expectation for the future:
      3. A place where something can be viewed.
      1. An organ of vision or of light sensitivity.
      2. Either of a pair of hollow structures located in bony sockets of the skull, functioning together or independently, each having a lens capable of focusing incident light on an internal photosensitive retina from which nerve impulses are sent to the brain; the vertebrate organ of vision.
      3. The external, visible portion of this organ together with its associated structures, especially the eyelids, eyelashes, and eyebrows.
      1. To fish with a hook and line.
      2. To try to get something by indirect or artful means:
      3. A fishhook or fishing tackle.
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