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Another word for smite

  1. To deliver a powerful blow to suddenly and sharply

      1. A smooth viscous mixture, as of flour and water or of starch and water, that is used as an adhesive for joining light materials, such as paper and cloth.
      2. The moist clay or clay mixture used in making porcelain or pottery.
      3. A smooth dough of water, flour, and butter or other shortening, used in making pastry.
      1. The head.
      2. A blow, especially on the head.
      3. The human nose.
      1. A flexible band, as of leather or cloth, worn around the waist or over a shoulder to support clothing, secure tools or weapons, or serve as decoration.
      2. Something resembling a belt, as a number of machine-gun rounds attached together in a strip.
      3. An encircling route.
      1. To beat forcefully; thrash.
      2. To strike with a hard blow:
      3. To defeat thoroughly.
      1. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears:
      2. To make shorter by cutting; trim:
      3. To cut off the edge of:
      1. To hit or strike.
      2. A blow; a punch.
      1. To strike or punch.
      2. A blow or punch.
      1. To strike with a heavy blow.
      2. To defeat soundly; thrash.
      3. A heavy blow; a sharp thud.
      1. A forceful, resounding blow.
      2. The sound of such a blow.
      3. To strike or crash into with resounding impact.
      1. To strike (someone or something) with a sharp blow; slap.
      2. To kill deliberately; murder.
      3. To deal a sharp, resounding blow.
      1. To strike or hit with a flat object; whack.
      2. A hard blow with a flat object; a whack.
      1. To strike or hit with a sharp blow:
      2. To strike or try to strike something with a sharp blow:
      3. A sharp blow or hit.
      1. To hit sharply, as with a hand, fist, weapon, or implement:
      2. To inflict (a blow).
      3. To penetrate or pierce:
      1. A short stocking reaching a point between the ankle and the knee.
      2. A windsock.
      3. A light shoe worn by comic actors in ancient Greek and Roman plays.
      1. To break (something) into pieces suddenly, noisily, and violently; shatter.
      2. To render (something) into a mush or pulp, as by throwing or crushing:
      3. To strike with a heavy blow or impact:
      1. A round bullet larger than buckshot.
      2. A shot of liquor.
      3. An amount of liquid, especially liquor, that is swallowed in one gulp; a swig.
      1. To walk or progress with a slow heavy pace; plod:
      2. To work diligently for long hours:
      3. To make (one's way) with a slow heavy pace against resistance.
      1. To shut with force and loud noise:
      2. To put, throw, or otherwise forcefully move so as to produce a loud noise:
      3. To hit or strike with great force.
      1. To make a short, sharp, explosive sound.
      2. To burst open with a short, sharp, explosive sound.
      3. To move quickly or unexpectedly; appear abruptly:
      1. To strike with a hard blow:
      2. To affect in a specified way by striking hard:
      3. To cause to be displaced or unengaged; force:
      1. To come into contact with forcefully; strike:
      2. To cause to come into contact:
      3. To deal a blow to:
      1. A piece of cloth, especially a baby's diaper.
      1. To get and hold (something that has been in motion) in a hand, the hands, a container, or an implement:
      2. To take hold of, especially forcibly or suddenly; grasp:
      3. To stop (oneself) from doing an action:
      1. To strike with a heavy, crushing blow:
      2. To beat or assault severely:
      3. To criticize (another) harshly, accusatorially, and threateningly:
  2. To bring great harm or suffering to

      1. Infliction of severe physical pain as a means of punishment or coercion.
      2. Excruciating physical or mental pain; agony:
      3. An experience or cause of severe pain or anguish:
      1. Great physical pain or mental anguish.
      2. A source of harassment, annoyance, or pain.
      3. The torture inflicted on prisoners under interrogation.
      1. To hit sharply, as with a hand, fist, weapon, or implement:
      2. To inflict (a blow).
      3. To penetrate or pierce:
      1. A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.
      2. A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment.
      3. A small whip used to inflict punishment.
      1. A framework or stand in or on which to hold, hang, or display various articles:
      2. A triangular frame for arranging billiard or pool balls at the start of a game.
      3. A receptacle for livestock feed.
      1. A highly infectious, usually fatal, epidemic disease; a pestilence.
      2. A virulent, infectious disease that is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis (syn. Pasteurella pestis ) and is transmitted primarily by the bite of fleas from an infected rodent, especially a rat. In humans it occurs in bubonic form, marked by lymph node enlargement, and in pneumonic form, marked by infection of the lungs, and can progress to septicemia.
      3. A widespread affliction or calamity seen as divine retribution.
      1. To inflict severe pain on; torture.
      2. To inflict great mental distress on.
      1. An appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone or something.
      2. Evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to such an appeal:
      3. A source or cause of evil; a scourge:
      1. Agonizing physical or mental pain; torment.
      2. To cause to feel or suffer anguish.
      3. To feel or suffer anguish.
      1. To suffer mental anguish or worry about something:
      2. To suffer extreme pain:
      3. To cause great pain or anguish to.
      1. To cause grievous physical or mental suffering to.

Another word for smite

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