Sentence Examples

  • For every Madonna, Michael Jackson and Wham! who made it big (no pun intended, Wham! fans), in the 1980s, there was a one-hit wonder who scored an equally huge chart-topping hit.
  • Michael and Ridgeley, two school chums from Watford, England, weren't together on the music scene for long, but Wham! left a distinct impression.
  • During the height of the Wham! frenzy, it seemed only natural to do a holiday tune that fans could enjoy for years to come.
  • It's rumored that the two will meet and play some Wham! favorites at some point on Michael's 2006-07 world tour.
  • "Last Christmas" is a holiday tune by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, members of the 1980s pop group Wham!