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Another word for wham

  1. A sudden sharp, powerful stroke

      1. A foodstuff, pounded or ground until fine and made creamy, soft, etc.
      2. A hard, brilliant glass containing oxide of lead, used in making artificial gems; strass
      3. (Slang) A blow, or punch, as with the fist
      1. A shelflike growth of fungus found on various trees, usually on the trunk
      2. A blow, especially on the head.
      3. A hairstyle in which the hair is straightened, usually by chemical means.
      1. A region distinguished from others in some way
      2. A continuous band or chain for transferring motion or power or conveying materials from one wheel or shaft to another.
      3. A strip or band of leather or other material worn around the waist to hold clothing up, support tools, etc., or as an ornament or sign of rank
      1. A powerful effect:
      2. (Informal, Dial.) A heavy, clumsy movement of the body
      3. The power to strike a hard blow
      1. Any of various devices that clip or fasten things together, grip or hold something, etc.
      2. (Informal) A quick sharp blow:
      3. A single occasion; a time:
      1. A post–World War II style of jazz characterized by rhythmic and harmonic complexity, improvised solo performances, and a brilliant style of execution.
      2. A style of jazz, esp. in its development from about 1945 to 1955, characterized by complex rhythms, experimental harmonic structures, and instrumental virtuosity
      3. A blow; a punch.
      1. A blow or punch.
      2. A blow; strike; hit
      1. (Slang) A gala event or party
      2. (Informal) A heavy, crushing blow.
      3. (Informal) A violent blow
      1. A heavy blow; a sharp thud.
      2. A sharp, resounding blow, stroke, thump, etc.
      1. The sound of this
      2. The sound made by a sharp, swift blow.
      3. A sharp, swift blow.
      1. A ridge or bump on the skin caused by a lash or blow or sometimes by an allergic reaction.
      2. A lash or blow producing such a mark.
      3. A strip of material, often folded over a cord, placed at the edge or seam of a garment, cushion, etc. to reinforce or trim it
      1. A blow with something flat
      2. A hard blow with a flat object; a whack.
      1. A special unit of a law enforcement agency, trained to deal with violence, riots, terrorism, etc.
      2. A quick, sharp blow, as with a bat or swatter
      3. A sharp blow or hit.
      1. A short stocking reaching a point between the ankle and the knee.
      2. A blow
      3. A knitted covering for the foot and ankle, like a short stocking, sometimes extending to just below the knee
      1. A line of cast type in a single strip of metal.
      2. A person, vehicle, etc. that moves sluggishly
      3. A line of type made in one piece or strip, as by a linotype machine
      1. The part of a canal between two locks, and therefore at the same water level.
      2. The pound key on a telephone.
      3. The sound of a heavy blow; a thump.
      1. (Informal) A sharp blow
      2. (Slang) An attempt; a try:
      3. A small quantity; a bit:
      1. A successful or popular venture:
      2. A blow, shot, etc. that strikes its mark
      3. (Baseball) A base hit.
      1. A moment; an instant:
      2. A partial split or break; a fissure.
      3. (Slang) Hard, pebblelike pieces of highly purified cocaine prepared for smoking: a highly potent and addictive form of cocaine
      1. A blow, with or as with the hand; rap
      2. Any piece of cloth, esp. one for cleaning; rag
      3. A piece of cloth, especially a baby's diaper.
      1. The state of blossoming:
      2. A mass of blossoms:
      3. A sudden hard stroke or hit, as with the fist or an object.
      1. (Informal) A sudden burst of action:
      2. (--- Informal) A display of enthusiasm or vigor
      3. A fringe of hair cut short and straight across the forehead.
  2. A forceful movement causing a loud noise

      1. A hard, heavy hit or blow; specif., a hard overhand stroke, as in tennis, that is difficult to return
      2. A violent breaking of something or the noise made by such breaking:
      3. A heavy blow or collision:
      1. An informal poetry competition in which the participants read their work aloud and are judged by the audience
      2. Any fast-moving or violent shot, action, etc., as in sports
      3. The winning of all the tricks or all but one during the play of one hand in bridge and other whist-derived card games.
      1. A sudden failure of a program or operating system, usually without serious consequences.
      2. A sudden loud noise, as of an object breaking:
      3. (Computers) A sudden failure of a hard drive caused by damaging contact between the head and the storage surface, often resulting in the loss of data on the drive.
      1. (--- Informal) A display of enthusiasm or vigor
      2. A fringe of hair cut short and straight across the forehead.
      3. (Informal) A sudden burst of action:
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  1. To deliver a powerful blow to suddenly and sharply

      1. To cover with pasted material
      2. To cover with something by using paste:
      3. (Slang) To hit; punch
      1. To straighten (tightly curled hair) usually by chemical means.
      2. To fall asleep, especially suddenly or heavily:
      3. To hit, especially on the head.
      1. To equip, support, or attach with a belt:
      2. (Slang) To strike forcefully; hit.
      3. To strike with a belt
      1. To strike with a hard blow:
      2. To move in a heavy or clumsy manner.
      3. To move along in a rapid, reckless, awkward way
      1. To enunciate with clarity and precision:
      2. (Sports) To hit or kick (the ball) in a certain direction.
      3. (Informal) To hit or punch with a quick, sharp blow
      1. (Slang) To walk, esp. in an easy but strutting way
      2. To dance to this music, or indeed any sort of popular music with a strong beat.
      3. To hit or strike.
      1. To strike; hit
      2. To strike or punch.
      1. To defeat soundly; thrash.
      2. To strike with a heavy blow.
      3. To hit, strike, beat, etc.
      1. To strike (someone or something) with a sharp blow; slap.
      2. To strike or slap with a sharp, resounding blow
      3. (Slang) To murder (a person), often, specif., for pay
      1. To strike with something flat; whack
      2. To strike or hit with a flat object; whack.
      1. To strike or try to strike something with a sharp blow:
      2. To hit with a quick, sharp blow
      3. To strike or hit with a sharp blow:
      1. To come upon; arrive at
      2. To hook (a fish that has risen to the bait) by a pull on the line
      3. To remove or separate suddenly, as with a blow:
      1. To deliver a blow.
      2. To hit or strike with force, esp. with the fist
      3. To hit or strike forcefully; punch.
      1. To affect sharply with great feeling:
      2. To inspire strong and sudden love or devotion
      3. To afflict:
      1. To strike with a heavy blow or impact:
      2. (--- Sports) To hit (a ball, puck, or shuttlecock) in a forceful overhand stroke.
      3. To break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow or collision:
      1. To wait for or obtain a ride to work by standing at a roadside hoping to be picked up by a driver who needs another passenger to use the HOV lanes of a highway.
      2. (Printing) To insert (a slug) between lines
      3. (Informal) To drink rapidly or in large gulps:
      1. To make (one's way) with great effort; plod
      2. To walk or progress with a slow heavy pace; plod:
      3. To work diligently for long hours:
      1. To hit something with force; crash:
      2. To put, throw, or otherwise forcefully move so as to produce a loud noise:
      3. (Slang) To drink quickly (a beverage, especially an alcoholic one). Often used with back or down.
      1. (Baseball) To hit a short high fly ball, especially one that can be caught by an infielder:
      2. With or like a pop
      3. To cause to pop
      1. To cause to be displaced or unengaged; force:
      2. To produce by hitting or striking:
      3. To hit; strike
      1. To attack:
      2. (Baseball) To execute (a base hit) successfully:
      3. To go to; visit
      1. (Informal) To strike, as with the hand
      2. (Informal) To hit (a ball) hard
      3. To hit, especially with the fist.
      1. To capture or seize, especially after a chase:
      2. To hold up; delay:
      3. To reach just in time; get so as to be carried by:
      1. To strike with a heavy, crushing blow:
      2. To strike with a violent blow; smash (in)
      3. To attack or abuse, as with blows or with words

Another word for wham

      1. The sound of this
      2. A sharp, swift blow.
      3. The sound made by a sharp, swift blow.
      1. A pounding or clanking noise made by an engine, often as a result of faulty fuel combustion.
      2. An instance of striking or colliding.
      3. A hit; sharp or resounding blow; rap, as on a door
      1. A collision of one thing with another
      2. A successful or popular venture:
      3. (Baseball) A base hit.
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