Sentence Examples

  • The nature of the post-anal spine has been strangely misinterpreted by some writers.
  • A cold shiver went down his spine just thinking about it; a primal fear of dark and dank places.
  • Eventually, when the right and left feet of the coracoids overlap each other, the anterior sternal spine contains a foramen.
  • (b) Triarthridae; body with a pair of long cervical spines pointing distally and serving for leaping movements or to extend the body and make it too big for small enemies to swallow; Pedetes Gosse (no median spines); Triarthra Ehr., one postero-ventral spine; Tetramastix Zacharias, two unequal median spines.
  • The margins of these leaf-like branches are more or less crenately notched, the notches representing buds, as do the spine-clusters in the spiny genera; and from these crenatures the large showy flowers are produced.