Sentence Examples

  • Sunny perched on his thigh, purring as he patted her.
  • The knit dress she wore fell to mid-thigh when she was standing.
  • He is usually represented in the garb of a pilgrim, with a wound in his thigh, and with a dog near him carrying a loaf in its mouth.
  • His youngest sister paused beside him, leaning against his thigh while she studied his lifemate with brown eyes a shade lighter than his.
  • It may also be noticed that in mammals and birds which hop on two legs, such as jerboas, kangaroos, thrushes and finches, the proportionate length of the thigh-bone or femur to the tibia and foot (metatarsus and toes) is constant, being 2 to 5; in animals, on the other hand, such as hares, horses and frogs, which use all four feet, the corresponding lengths are 4 to 7.