Sentence Examples

  • Some gift-givers balk at the impersonal nature of sending a Visa gift card, but the flexibility afforded by the cards may outweigh the relatively impersonal nature of the cards.
  • Banks may also balk at providing loans for land that requires extensive upgrading, is located in a rural area, or does not meet bank loan size requirements, propelling potential buyers to seek out owner financing.
  • Foster care - Many people balk at the idea of fostering a child because they fear the idea of becoming attached to him or her only to have to say goodbye after a few months or even years.
  • Don't be afraid to offer your creditors less per month than the minimum payment, because most lenders are just happy to get a payment and won't balk at the amount as long as it has all been worked out beforehand.
  • Many genealogists are used to the free research tools on the Internet and can't help but balk at the idea of spending hundreds of dollars to test their mitochondrial DNA.