Sentence Examples

  • Prolongation of the charter of the joint bank, and certain concessions to Magyar demands in the matter of the army.
  • If The Surface Could Be Treated As A Cylindrical Prolongation Of The Tube (Radius A), The Pressure Would Be T/A, And The Resulting Force Acting Downwards Upon The Drop Would Amount To One Half (2Rat) Of The Direct Upward Pull Of The Tension Along The Circumference.
  • The following are the chief islands: - Thasos, in the extreme north, off the Macedonian coast; Samothrace, fronting the Gulf of Saros; Imbros and Lemnos, in prolongation of the peninsula of Gallipoli (Thracian Chersonese); Euboea, the largest of all, lying close along the east coast of Greece; the Northern Sporades, including Sciathos, Scopelos and Halonesos, running out from the southern extremity of the Thessalian coast, and Scyros, with its satellites, north-east of Euboea; Lesbos and Chios; Samos and Nikaria; Cos, with Calymnos to the north; all off Asia Minor, with the many other islands of the Sporades; and, finally, the great group of the Cyclades, of which the largest are Andros and Tenos, Naxos and Paros.
  • The primary root is a downward prolongation of the primary axis of the plant.
  • Indeed, the very name Australasia, often applied to this part of the world, would induce the belief that all the countless islands, be they large or small - and some of them are among the largest on the globe - were but a southern prolongation of the mainland of Asia.