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Another word for abridgment

  1. A short summary or version prepared by cutting down a larger work

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Another word for abridgment

Synonym Study

  • An epitome is a statement of the essence of a subject in the shortest possible form
  • Digest is applied either to a concise, systematic treatment, generally more comprehensive in scope than a synopsis, and, in the case of technical material, often arranged under titles for quick reference or to a collection of articles, stories, etc. condensed from other publications
  • A synopsis is a condensed, orderly treatment, as of the plot of a novel, that permits a quick general view of the whole
  • A summary is a brief statement of the main points of the matter under consideration and especially connotes a recapitulating statement
  • Brief is applied to a concise statement of the main points of a law case
  • An abstract is a short statement of the essential contents of a book, article, speech, court record, etc. often used as an index to the original material
  • Abridgment describes a work condensed from a larger work by omitting the less important parts, but keeping the main contents more or less unaltered