Sentence Examples

  • The largest vessels have ready entrance to the harbour - which has a periphery of 15 m.
  • Similarly the giant cells are produced at their periphery into a number of branching processes which bear similar end-organs on their surface and in some cases terminate in them.
  • The leaf-traces can be distinguished as distinct strands at the periphery of the stele, as shown in fig.
  • This ring runs between friction wheels and is provided with teeth on its inner periphery, and these teeth transmit motion to a pinion on a spindle having at its other end another pinion which, through an intermediate wheel, rotates the heliometer tube.
  • (6) or the force arising from the surface-tension acting on a length a of the strip is Ta, so that T represents the surface-tension acting transversely on every unit of length of the periphery of the liquid surface.