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Another word for edging

  1. A fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

      1. An ornamental strip of flowers or shrubs along the edge of a garden, walk, etc.
      2. The line or frontier area separating political divisions or geographic regions; a boundary.
      3. An edge or a part near an edge; margin; side
      1. An indefinite area intermediate between two qualities or conditions:
      2. A boundary or accepted division; a border.
      3. A line that establishes or marks a border.
      1. A projecting rim or edge, especially around the bottom of a hat.
      2. The uppermost edge of a hollow container or natural basin.
      3. The topmost edge of a cup, glass, bowl, etc.
      1. The margin of land bordering a body of water.
      2. The bank, esp. when steep, of a river or other body of water
      3. The upper edge of a steep or vertical slope:
      1. The line or area farthest away from the middle:
      2. A margin of superiority; an advantage:
      3. A rim or brink:
      1. A decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords, or strips, often attached to a separate band.
      2. A border or trimming of cords or threads, hanging loose or tied in bunches
      3. An outer edge; border; margin
      1. An edge and the area immediately adjacent to it; a border.
      2. (Botany) The border of a leaf.
      3. A border, edge, or brink
      1. The area along a boundary; the margin.
      2. A line that forms the boundary of an area; a perimeter.
      3. A boundary line, esp. that of a rounded figure; perimeter
      1. The metal flange surrounding the wheel of an automotive vehicle, on which the tire is mounted
      2. The outer, circular part of a wheel
      3. An edge, border, or margin, esp. of something circular; often, a raised or projecting edge or border
      1. (--- Chiefly British) A grassy border, as along a road.
      2. (--- Architecture) The edge of the tiling that projects over a roof gable.
      3. An edge or margin; a border.
      1. The outer boundary of a figure or area
      2. The length of such a line.
      3. (Mil.) A boundary strip where defenses are set up
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