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Another word for environs

  1. A surrounding area

      1. A nearby, surrounding, or adjoining region; a neighborhood.
      2. The region or area surrounding a particular place; neighborhood
      3. An approximate degree or amount:
      1. (Physics) All parts of the universe that are not within the thermodynamic system of interest.
      2. The area surrounding someone or something, together with the objects and circumstances in the vicinity; the environment or ambiance
      3. The external objects, conditions, and circumstances that affect existence and development; the environment.
      1. A place or enclosure marked off by definite limits, such as walls:
      2. An area of thought or action; a province or domain:
      3. Environs; a neighborhood
      1. The people who live near one another or in a particular district or area:
      2. (Mathematics) The set of points surrounding a specified point, each of which is within a certain, usually small distance from the specified point.
      3. A district or area with distinctive characteristics:
      1. A particular neighborhood, place, or district:
      2. Position with regard to surrounding objects, landmarks, etc.
      3. The fact or quality of having position in space.
      1. The place where something happens.
      2. A place or locality, esp. with reference to events or circumstances connected with it, often as a setting for a story, play, etc.
      3. (Computing) The set of settings related to the language and region in which a computer program executes. Examples are language, paper format, currency and time formats, character encoding etc.
      1. All of the conditions, circumstances, etc. that surround and influence life on earth, including atmospheric conditions, food chains, and the water cycle
      2. An area of a computer's memory used by the operating system and some programs to store certain variables to which they need frequent access.
      3. The general set of conditions or circumstances:
  2. The periphery of a city or town

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Another word for environs