Sentence Examples

  • Another great thing about Christmas sheet music is that if you are having trouble finding your favorite song specially written for the guitar, you can still use the sheet music from the carol version to play the song.
  • Public Literature is an impressive site that hosts a wide collection of classic works including Art of War by Sun Tzu, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol.
  • Celebrity Mommies-In this game, you'll put together a list of celebrity mothers, like Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond, Carol from The Brady Bunch, etc. Create a set of hints that coordinate with each name.
  • Charles Dickens, having been poor as a youth and not even able to enjoy a warm feast, seized upon both this nostalgia and his own concerns for the state of the poor and wrote his classic novella A Christmas Carol.
  • Immediately preceding this very piece in his collected works is a carol written in terms of the utmost simplicity.