Tune Synonyms and Antonyms

to͝on, tyo͝on
A pleasing succession of musical tones forming a usually brief aesthetic unit
  1. disagreement
Pleasing agreement, as of musical sounds
  1. silence
Harmonious mutual understanding
To bring into accord
  1. attune
  2. harmonize
  3. tune-up
  4. adjust the pitch
  5. accommodate
  6. put in tune
  7. conform
  8. coordinate
  9. tighten the strings
  10. use the tuning fork
  11. integrate
  12. proportion
  13. set the tune
  14. modulate
  15. reconcile
  16. syntonize
  1. untune
To utter words or sounds in musical tones
To alter for proper functioning.
  1. Also used with up: adjust
  2. fix
  3. regulate
  4. set
  5. attune
  1. assonant
  2. chantant
  3. en-rapport
  4. harmonious
  5. homophonous
  6. melodious
  7. rhythmic
  8. symphonious
  9. syntonic
  10. syntonous
  11. tuneful
  12. unisonant

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