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Another word for aria

  1. A pleasing succession of musical tones forming a usually brief aesthetic unit

      1. A distinctive quality or appearance; an aura:
      2. The general environment or condition, as in attitudes and ideas:
      3. Cool, refreshing air; fresh air
      1. The leading part, or voice, in a harmonic composition; the air
      2. The element of form having to do with the arrangement of single tones in sequence
      3. (Music) A sequence of single tones, usually in the same key or mode, to produce a rhythmic whole; often, a tune, air, or song
      1. Change in form or size, or both, resulting from stress or force
      2. A passage of music; tune; air
      3. (Music) A passage of expression; a tune or an air:
      1. (Electronics) Adjustment of a receiver or circuit for maximum response to a given signal or frequency.
      2. (Music) A melody, especially a simple and easily remembered one.
      3. A succession of musical tones forming a rhythmic, catchy whole; melody; air
      1. A brief informal letter:
      2. The characteristic vocal sound made by a songbird or other animal:
      3. The sign of a particular quality or emotion:
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