Sentence Examples

  • By the aid of this arrangement the natural cant of the machine when making a turn could be checked, if it became excessive.
  • Swift inoculated the Scriblerus Club with his own hatred of pedantry, cant and circumlocution.
  • The Latin future has been replaced, as everywhere, by tile perirphasis (c a n t a r e ha b en), but it is worth noticing that in certain old texts of the 13th century, and in the popular songs of a comparatively ancient date which have been preserved in Asturias, the auxiliary can still precede the infinitive (ha ben cant a r e), as with the Latin writers of the decadence:
  • Great for kids and people who just can't keep still, T F Brown's Restaurant has bowling, darts, LAN multi-player games and pool tables.
  • For those who can't decide between a mouth-watering steak and some of Alaska's delectable seafood, Club Paris has combination dishes that serve portions of each.