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Another word for bevel

      1. A member of a Germanic people of the northern lowlands that settled in E England in the 5th cent. a.d.: the name England is from Englaland (land of the Angles), and English is from Englisc (of the Angles)
      2. A sharp or projecting corner
      3. A solid angle.
      1. A sloping thing or piece of ground.
      2. A bias:
      3. An oblique or inclined surface, line, direction, etc.; slope; incline
      1. The tangent of the angle of inclination of a line, or the slope of the tangent line for a curve or surface.
      2. A stretch of ground forming a natural or artificial incline:
      3. A piece of ground that is not flat or level; rising or falling ground; specif., a portion of the side of a hill or mountain
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