Sentence Examples

  • When the square base of the pyramid is halved and a vertical line drawn up the center, the slanted height forms a triangle that measures to the value of Phi.
  • This sort of cut should really only be attempted by a salon professional as it is a little more complicated than the shag and requires special slanted cutting techniques in order to provide your hair with the proper texture.
  • There are a handful of restaurants and it's always a treat to be at the Slanted Door for cocktails and innovative Vietnamese food or stop by Hog Island Oysters and slurp down some fresh Sweetwater mollusks from Tomales Bay.
  • Open Site - Another blend of wiki and reviewed content, Open Site is slanted toward more of a popular content direction, with information about games and current events taking primacy over science and philosophy.
  • It looks like the Latin cross, but has two smaller lines-one straight across the top of the cross for the inscription above Christ's head, and one slanted near the base to symbolize his footrest.