Sentence Examples

  • Wearers of corrective glasses who are looking for a solution to the hassle of finding sunglasses that work with their glasses or paying for a second pair of glasses need look no further than photochromatic or photochromic lenses.
  • A technique created more than 125 years ago to first treat ingrown hairs, it is suitable for a variety of skin and hair types, and can help interested individuals achieve a smooth, sleek appearance without the hassle of shaving.
  • Most gyms have free standing squat racks for this purpose, but some gyms also have squat machines (like the FreeMotion Squat) that are designed to take you through the squat motion without the hassle of handling weight plates.
  • Getting movie tickets online certainly saves a lot of time and hassle, and even better, when you buy your tickets online, you never have to worry about getting to the movie theater only to find out that the show you want to see is sold out.
  • They don't want their customers to be unhappy for any reason, so they offer an exclusive "No Fuss" Guarantee, which allows you to return shoes for any reason with their "SmartLabel System," designed to make returning hassle free and easy.