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Another word for horse

  1. A domestic animal

  2. An upright structure

      1. A rack consisting of a horizontal crosspiece and two pairs of spreading legs, used, usually one beside another, as to support wood while it is being sawed
      2. A device used to temporarily raise and support pieces of material (for example, timber), especially during cutting with a saw or similar device.
      1. A frame on which clothes are hung to dry or air.
      2. A frame on which to hang clothes, etc. for airing or drying
      3. (By extension) A person excessively concerned with the appearance of their clothing.
      1. A capping piece over a post to extend the bearing area under a beam
      2. A soft pad for easing pressure on any part of the body
      3. Any bolsterlike object or support
      1. A three-legged object, such as a cauldron, stool, or table.
      2. An adjustable three-legged stand, as for supporting a transit or camera.
      3. A three-legged support as for a camera or telescope, usually adjustable for height
      1. An upright frame for displaying or supporting something, such as an artist's canvas.
      2. An upright frame or tripod to hold an artist's canvas, a picture on display, etc.
      1. A platform used in the execution of condemned prisoners, as by hanging or beheading.
      2. A temporary platform, either supported from below or suspended from above, on which workers sit or stand when performing tasks at heights above the ground.
      3. A temporary wooden stage or platform, as that on which medieval plays were presented
      1. A particular step, phase, or position in a developmental process.
      2. The acting profession, or the world of theater. Used with the:
      3. A level, degree, or period of time in the course of a process:
      1. A seat on which the players on a sports team sit when not participating in the action
      2. A long seat for several persons, with or without a back and often made of wood or stone
      3. A strong table on which work with tools is done, often one that is part of a machine; worktable
      1. The state of being supported:
      2. The provision of money or the necessities of life:
      3. The act of supporting:
      1. A horizontal member supported near each end by a pair of divergent legs, such as sawhorses.
      2. A framework consisting of a horizontal beam fastened to two pairs of spreading legs, used to support planks to form a table, platform, etc.
      3. A folding or fixed set of legs used to support a table-top or planks