Sentence Examples

  • This game is clearly not for the feint of heart, because it accurately recreates the real racing experience rather than taking on an "arcade racer" approach.If you really want to race, you'll want the '04 Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo.
  • The game starts off like some hip-hop video as you throw a party to bring all the street racers to celebrate a race promoter's current event: a series of races through Los Angeles to determine who is the ultimate whip racer.
  • That's right, race circuit type races placing first, second, third, or fourth (depending on the race) to unlock other races, cars, and other goodies that Namco has included (original Ridge Racer intro movies, to name one).
  • As women have found that bras most commonly associated with sporting activities, such as racer back and T-back styles, will always stay in place no matter what, they've begun to look for such styles in regular bras.
  • Years before anyone, even Ôtomo-san himself, had dreamed of Akira, American kids were watching Japanese anime every day in the form of two popular cartoon television shows called Speed Racer and Gigantor.