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Another word for hack

  1. A literary drudge

  2. A coach for hire

      1. An ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure, held by some to have been about 1.4 liters, by others about 2.4 liters.
      2. A taxicab.
      3. The covered compartment of a heavy vehicle or machine, such as a truck or locomotive, in which the operator or driver sits.
      1. An automobile in which passengers are carried for a fare
      2. An automobile that carries passengers for a fare, usually calculated by a taximeter.
      3. A vehicle that passengers hire to take them between locations of their choice, the fare being calculated with a taximeter; a taxi or cab
      1. Any craft for ferrying passengers, as across a river or between the islands of an archipelago
      2. A taxicab.
      1. A horse of a breed developed in England, having a gait characterized by pronounced flexion of the knee.
      2. A horse for ordinary driving or riding
      3. A trotting horse suited for routine riding or driving; a hack.
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  3. A cut

      1. A V-shaped cut.
      2. Such a cut used for keeping a record.
      3. A concave or V-shaped cut or indentation in an edge or across a surface
      1. (Printing) A groove down the side of a piece of type used to ensure that it is correctly placed.
      2. A small notch or slit; esp., a small cut, indentation or chip made accidentally on the edge or surface of wood, metal, china, etc.
      3. A shallow notch, cut, or indentation on an edge or a surface:
      1. The hollow between a woman's breasts, as made visible by a low-cut neckline
      2. (Mineralogy) The splitting or tendency to split of a crystallized substance along definite crystalline planes, yielding smooth surfaces.
      3. (Mineralogy) The tendency of some minerals to break in definite planes, producing smooth surfaces
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  4. A horse for hire

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  5. *Commercial driver, especially of a taxicab

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      1. To reduce abruptly or by a large amount:
      2. To cut by striking with a heavy sharp tool, such as an ax:
      3. To cut into small pieces:
      1. To strike (someone or something) with a sharp blow; slap.
      2. (Slang) To murder (a person), often, specif., for pay
      3. To strike or slap with a sharp, resounding blow
      1. To ruin or spoil through ineptitude or ignorance:
      2. To mutilate or disfigure by repeatedly and roughly cutting, tearing, hacking, or crushing; lacerate and bruise badly
      3. To mutilate or disfigure by battering, hacking, cutting, or tearing:
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