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Another word for cough

      1. An utterance or sound of the voice like "hem", often indicative of hesitation or doubt, sometimes used to call attention.
      2. An edge or border on a piece of cloth, especially a finished edge, as for a garment or curtain, made by folding an edge under and stitching it down.
      3. The height or level of the bottom edge of a skirt, dress, or coat; a hemline.
      1. (Pejorative) One who is professionally successful despite producing mediocre work. (Usually applied to persons in a creative field.)
      2. A person hired to do routine, often dull, writing
      3. A small ball usually made of woven cotton or suede and filled with rice, sand or some other filler, for the use in hackeysack.
      1. (Idiomatic) Any temporary physical difficulty in speaking.
      2. (Idiomatic) Hoarseness or the need to cough.
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      1. To obstruct by filling up or clogging any passage; to block up.
      2. (Sports) To grip (a bat or racket, for example) at a point nearer the hitting surface.
      3. (Sports) To shorten one's grip on the handle of a bat or racket. Often used with up.
      1. To break up the surface of (soil).
      2. To use frequently and indiscriminately, so as to render trite and commonplace.
      3. To cut or chop with repeated and irregular blows:
      1. To affect with or become affected by irregular and involuntary muscular contractions.
      2. To affect with irregular and involuntary muscular contractions; throw into convulsions.
      3. To be disturbed or upset:
      1. To treat with a bark infusion, as in leather tanning
      2. To remove bark from (a tree or log).
      3. To utter a bark.
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