Sentence Examples

  • Although most bulimics vomit or use laxatives to purge food from the body, some people with this eating disorder will alternate binge eating with fasting or periods of excessive exercise.
  • Some people vomit under such conditions of emotional stress as family arguments, academic tests, airplane travel, losing a job, and similar high-stress situations.
  • A newborn may fail to pass meconium (the first stool) within 24 hours of birth, may repeatedly vomit yellow or green colored bile, and may have a distended (swollen, uncomfortable) abdomen.
  • During the weeks of healing the patient is limited to a liquid diet sipped through a straw and must be careful not to choke or vomit since he cannot open his mouth to expel the vomitus.
  • Whenever possible, it's a good idea to take your vet a stool or vomit sample, so they can see exactly what you're trying to describe and have the samples analyzed at the lab if needed.