Sentence Examples

  • Cabernet Sauvignon wines run the gamut in price from a few dollars for Trader Joe's well-known "Two Buck Chuck" wine from the Charles Shaw Winery to hundreds of dollars for a well-aged Bordeaux grown in an excellent vintage.
  • On August 16th, a story first surfaced on local news stations that two Georgia men, Matthew Gary Whitton and Chuck Dyer, claimed that they had captured a corpse of Bigfoot and had it stored in a freezer in Georgia.
  • Most notably, author Susan Nanus transformed the work into a two-act children's play in 1977, and producer Chuck Jones created a combination live-action and animated film based on the novel in 1970.
  • A twist on this trope is found in the NBC television series Chuck where the main character becomes the human computer known as Intersect, and must struggle against the Intersect’s ability to overwhelm his mind.
  • I certainly didn't have any right to chuck it.