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Another word for vehicle

  1. A conveyance

  2. Means of expression

      1. A means or instrument for the performance of some action
      2. A large wind instrument consisting of various sets of pipes which, as they are opened by corresponding keys on one or more keyboards, allow passage to a column of compressed air that causes sound by vibration
      3. An instrument or means of communication, especially a periodical issued by a political party, business firm, or other group.
      1. The deeper part of a river or harbor, especially a deep navigable passage.
      2. (By ellipsis) the English Channel
      3. The bed of a running stream, river, etc.
      1. A business with agents that negotiate deals for clients:
      2. The business office or district of such a person, firm, etc.
      3. An administrative division of a government or international body.
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