Sentence Examples

  • The junkie had a predilection for the more illicit things in life.
  • Not only do they signal where you should focus your attention, but understanding the planets and applying aspects within those houses can boost the predictive astrological skills of the average horoscope junkie to an entirely new level!
  • Whether you are a gadget junkie who loves to have the latest tech toys or a gadget novice who just wants a new TV for his living room, knowing where and how to buy cheap electronics can save you money.
  • The main factor any horoscope junkie should remember is that while the houses and applying aspects have a significant effect on the individual's personality, the aspects do change.
  • Ok, never in a million years would it be advised for you to become a coffee-aholic or a soda pop junkie, but caffeine is a proven chemical to speed up your metabolism.